Born in January 26, 1965 in Bonn
Studies business administration in Cologne
Since 2008 I live with my family in Krefeld

Art is an important part of my life, not uniform and constant, but always present.

Through abstract painting I capture my moods and feelings and give them expression

My motivation is to create atmospheres in rooms through my work, to give them individuality and to make the surroundings shine.

They are intended to create energy or relaxation in the viewer. Painting can open up spaces for those who paint and for those who engage with it.

It can inspire fantasies, enable associations, release emotions, provoke contradiction, stimulate thinking and searching...

It invites you to take a stand, while respecting those who are observing. It doesn't force you, it allows you to make your own judgment and your own speed of perception.

Painting is passion and freedom.

I think colorfully!